Course Structure: The Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (PGDIT) program in the Institute of Information Technology, Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) is a one-year program consisting of three semesters; each has the duration of four months, and consists of: Classes -----------------------------------12 weeks Semester final examination------------- 1 week Result publication----------------------- 1 week Semester break-------------------------- 3 weeks Semester One: Course Code Course Name Credit Hour Pre-requisite PGD101 Fundamentals of Information and Communication Technology 3 PGD102 Structured Programming 3 PGD103 Business Communication 3 PGD104 Computer Networks & Cyber Security 3 Semester Two: Course Code Course Name Credit Hour Pre-requisite PGD201 Data Structures & Algorithms 3 PGD102 PGD202 Object Oriented Programming 3 PGD102 PGD203 Database Design & Application 3 PGD 102 PGD330 Project Planning 3 Semester Three: Course Code Course Name Credit Hour Pre-requisite PGD301 Internet Technologies & Web Programming 3 PGD201,202 PGD3xx Optional 1 3 PGD203 PGD3xx Optional 2 3 PGD330 Project 3 Completion of 30 credits Optional Courses: Course Code Course Name Credit Hour Pre-requisite PGD305 Microcontroller & Embedded System 3 PGD307 .Net Technology 3 PGD308 Content Management System 3 PGD309 Wireless Communication 3 PGD310 Client server Technology 3 PGD311 Information System Design 3 PGD312 Computer organization & Design 3 PGD 313 Software Development 3 PGD314 Mobile Application Development 3 PGD315 Operating System Concepts 3 PGD316 Software Testing & Quality Assurance 3