Academic Regulations

Short Description of the Program

The PGDIT is a one-year program for graduates in any discipline on the principles and practice of
Information Technology. The program will be conducted by the Institute of Information Technology
(IIT) of the Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU). The PGDIT program is offered
mainly to the graduates who are willing to work in ICT domain or the graduates whose current or
future career could be accelerated through advanced knowledge in ICT. The classes of the program
will run four days a week from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

No of Enrollment

The number of seats for PGDIT is twenty five (25). But IIT authority will decide the number for the
respective batch considering its available resource prior to the enrollment.

Eligibility for Admission

Applicants must satisfy the following requirements
a) Minimum 2 years graduation in any discipline, with Mathematics (including
Algebra/Statistics) as a subject at H.S.C/A-Level or Bachelor's level.
b) No third class/division (or below CGPA 2.00 out of scale 5) in any public examination
c) Age must be less than 40 years on 01.01.2017.

Grading Policy
Grades in each course will be assigned as follows: (As per University rule)

The GPA (Grade Point Average) and CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) will be calculated as
Marks Letter                              Grade Numeric                        Grade                  Comments
80% or above                                   A+                                      4.00                    

Excellent>= 75% but < 80%             A                                         3.75                    

Better >= 70% but < 75%                 A-                                        3.50

Good >= 65% but < 70%                  B+                                        3.25

Above Average >= 60% but < 65%   B                                          3.00

Average >= 55% but < 60%              B-                                         2.75

Below Average >= 50% but < 55%   C+                                        2.50

Satisfactory >= 45% but < 50%         C                                         2.25

Not Satisfactory >= 40% but < 45%   D                                        2.00

Pass Less than 40%                           F                                       0.00

Fail                                                  I Incomplete
W Withdrawn

Assessment and Evaluation
The performance of a student in a given course will be based on continuous assessment and course
final examinations. Marks distribution for a course can be as follows:

Continuous Assessment 60% of total marks
Course Final Examination 40% of total marks

The continuous assessment may consist of
 Class tests
 Attendance
 Seminars/presentations/viva-voce
 Assignments
 Completion of projects
 Midterm examinations.
The mentioned criteria to assess a student will be justified by individual course teacher and he/she may set his own assessment criteria. But individual course teachers are not allowed to be very far (i.e. distortion of greater than 10% of total marks in each section) from the guideline. Each course teacher should provide course outline mentioning the assessment and evaluation process within the
first week of class.

Degree Completion Requirement

Degree Requirements for PGDIT are –
 Completion of minimum 36 credits, and
 Passing of all courses individually with at least D grade, and
 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.5 or above


 The registration for PGDIT is valid for 3 years after the date of registration.
 After successful completion of the programme, a student will be awarded a certificate showing the CGPA and a transcript showing details of grades obtained in three semesters.
 The PGDIT programme students will not avail NSTU hall accommodation privilege.
 The IIT authority will resolve any other points not mentioned in this document. Application
for admission implies agreeing to abide by all rules and regulations of the IIT and also future
decisions of the IIT.