Aim & Objectives

To provide facilities for development of qualified manpower in Information Technology (IT)

To promote the use of IT in the University and the country

To promote multidisciplinary development of computer applications

To provide courses leading to diplomas and degrees related to computing, computer applications and IT

To provide training to students, teachers, officers and employees of the University in relevant fields of IT

To provide short term courses and training to interested and qualified persons from outside the University in relevant fields of IT

To provide refresher courses and training in newly emerging branches of IT

To provide consulting and advisory services to the University and other educational institutions, the Government of Bangladesh, NGO’s, private and public sector corporations, industries and all other organizations which seek such assistance

To initiate, organize and perform research in different IT sectors including computer applications in science, social science, business, administration, linguistics and all other subjects in which computer may be usefully employed

To produce software for indigenous use as well as for export

To hold seminars, conferences, workshops and other events related to the development of IT in the country

To plan, install, maintain and develop computer networks within the University and also links to other institutions in the country as well as the internet

To provide consulting and advisory services and also some physical assistance to the University community in matters related to the purchase, maintenance and development of computing hardware and software through a Computing Service Cell Which will form an integral part of the Institute